Your domain name is your
identity on the Internet

Give your online business an instant brand

Premium domain names are easy to remember, easy to type and instantly associated with a product or service.

Digital Real Estate

Your website's domain name is the digital real estate your entire brand is built upon. Great domains are easy to remember, type in and share.

The benefits of a premium domain name

The benefits of having a premium domain name can generate hundreds of millions in revenue that far surpass the purchase price paid to acquire the name.

Credibility of your business

Dot com is the gold standard of the Internet. The first step is to understand the importance of getting a dot-com domain. Everyone from investors to potential customers see this as an indicator of the credibility of your business.

  • Top Domain Sales
SOLD for $700,000 USD

Chad Weinman: "The keyword itself — ‘running shoes’ — is a pretty high traffic keyword. It’s one that’s tightly associated with a product category that we participate in. So that helps to justify the purchase price in this particular instance."
SOLD for $675,000 USD

Peter Coppinger, co-founder and CEO: "We have a great product but we haven’t been concentrating on marketing as much as we could. This domain is part of strengthening our marketing efforts. I think we can quadruple our sales in the next year with better marketing, and using this domain name is part of that".
SOLD for $1,500,000 USD

Noah Kagan, founder: "Ultimately, $1.5 million is a lot of money, but worth the cost. Sumo is a brand we will have forever. I’ve come around on the importance of branding because it shows our customers, future employees and competition that we’re serious and here to stay."
SOLD for $30,000,000 USD

Marge Breya, Senior Executive Vice President: "An ultra-premium domain name like can help a company achieve instant brand recognition, ignite a business, and massively accelerate value creation".
SOLD for $15,000,000 USD has sold for a staggering $15 million, making it the second largest domain sale ever publicly reported. provided escrow services and confirmed the deal in a press release.
SOLD for $35,000,000 USD

HomeAway Founder and CEO Brian Sharples: "The only reason we bought it was so Expedia couldn’t have that url."